Deep Tissue Therapy

If you suffer from low back pain, chronic headaches or joint stiffness, you will want to consider this massage style. Designed to bring muscles, tendons, and ligaments back into proper alignment, it offers relief from your pain. When your body’s soft tissues are out of balance, your overall state of wellness is affected.

Physical therapists often recommend deep tissue for their patients, especially athletes suffering from connective tissue injuries.

Chronic muscle tension or injury often causes bands of painful, rigid tissue, known as adhesions, in the connective tissue. To relieve this pain, I work slowly and deeply through each layer of soft tissue. As I do this, you will feel the tension in your body release. Sessions are limited to specific regions as I target the problem areas, while also working on the related tissues.   For best results, you need to be either completely unclothed or minimally dressed. You will be covered with a sheet to protect your modesty. $70.00/hr.

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