pregnancy massagePregnancy Massage

Because this massage is performed on pregnant women, it is vital that the massage therapist have a good knowledge of pregnancy and the anatomy of a pregnant woman’s body. I assure you that I do, and you can trust me to protect you and your baby with the proper positioning during this massage. Benefits of this massage are many, including relief from muscle and joint aches and pains, reduction of swelling in arms and legs, and alleviation of stress. Not only do I bring physical comfort with this soothing massage, but I offer you emotional support, as well.

As the mother of four, I fully understand what your body is going through during pregnancy. I had a natural, hospital birth with my first child, home birth with my second, and birth by C-Section with my twin girls. I had a supportive massage therapist with each pregnancy. Trust me, having my husband there was great but he could not relieve the pain of contractions. Rubbing my back and holding my hand was the loving, emotional support I needed from my husband, but the trained hands of a massage therapist with a thorough knowledge of pain management, was what I needed to get through the long ordeal.

I offer several different pregnancy packages depending on your specific needs. I take into consideration how far along you are, if you would like me to be present at birth, and if you would like to learn infant massage after the birth. I can add to your package as we go through the sessions. After your delivery you may want to add a few, gentle touch massages to help you sleep at night.

Call me for more information. You need to have at least one massage before we can move forward with planning your pregnancy package.

Cost: $70/hr.

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