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"I receive massages from Marsha on a regular basis. I love the way it releases tension and stess from my body and mind. Marsha is a skilled professional with a healing touch. I highly recommend her!" Chris B (Monument)

Sensational experience! With Marsha's professionally skilled hands and caring attitude, I always leave from my massage relaxed and rejuvenated! Marsha is highly experienced and very knowledgeable of her profession. She has provided me with exceptional care and professional skill. Just recently, I had the misfortune of a car accident, and with compassion and caring therapy, I am on my way to a complete recovery. Lisa Greunke

I found Marsha off a book group email 6 years ago. I suffer from a little known form of arthritis and for quite some time and knew that deep tissue massage was one of the best treatments for it. However, I couldn't find who was willing to take me's a big, hard task. To my surprise, Marsha said she'd try and actually looked up the disease and had a good understanding of it before we ever met. Some of my yelling and jumping may have surprised Marsha at first, but she's pretty used to it by now. Without Marsha I would not be able to stand up straight, walk, and actually get some sleep. My pain is manageable as long as she is managing it and my range of motion increases dramatically after a session with her. Marsha is caring, thoughtful and very good at what she does. I don't hesitate to recommend her to anybody for any need they might have. She tailors your massage to your needs and listens to you and your body as she is doing it so she can adjust if necessary. She is a true blessing in my life. Robin Koken

Infant Massage Classes: During class I learned "The importance of touch, slowing down, reading your baby." "I really felt like I bonded with Jack, and learned a lot about how to listen to him." "Marsha is a great listener."  Jessica
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